Is Tennis A Rich Person Sport? The Answer May Surprise You!

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Many people wonder if is tennis a rich person sport. With many players coming from wealthier backgrounds, it can be assumed that everyone in tennis is rich. However, is there any truth to this claim? Is tennis a luxurious sport?

Tennis is considered a rich person sport, mainly because of the constant lessons and training required to reach the professional level. Tennis athletes often have private lessons at academies throughout the world to become stronger players, costing them thousands of dollars.

Are you curious about how much it costs to play tennis and why this is a rich person’s sport most of the time? We’ll cover all this below, so keep reading!

The Cost Of Playing Tennis

Regarding how much money tennis players spend to practice and play professionally or at the amateur level, this can reach the millions. We will break down the costs associated with tennis below:

Court Fees

One of the more forgotten costs of tennis is the price you pay to reserve and practice on a court. Many tennis clubs offer court time for players if they have a membership, which could be anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 monthly.

That said, the average price to rent a tennis court in the United States is $15.72 per hour.


Whether you are a pro, intermediate, or beginner tennis player, you will need to buy a racket. Most tennis rackets cost $60 to over $300, so this is another fee to keep in mind.

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Replacement Grips

Luckily, replacement grips for your racket should be at most $10, so this is one of the cheapest parts of playing the sport. We recommend purchasing bundles rather than single grips when shopping.

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Tennis Shoes

Moving onto footwear, most tennis players spend about $100 on their shoes. As of 2023, tennis shoe prices sit closer to $130 on average, which is not expected to fall soon.


The average cost to restring a tennis racket is $40, although this can be much greater depending on where you live. Budget up to $75 for this and expect to need a restring every few months (four times a year).

Lessons or Clinics

One of the most expensive components of playing tennis is paying for lessons and clinics. Most people spend $60-$150/hour on private lessons, although these can exceed $500 at the professional level. Clinics are the same, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

What Is The Biggest Cost For Casual Tennis Players?

The biggest cost for amateur or casual tennis players is equipment. Because you don’t need extensive lessons as a casual tennis player, you spend more money on shoes, rackets, strings, and other equipment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean lessons or clinics won’t set a casual player back a few hundred bucks, but it’s not as intense as a professional schedule.

Things Every Casual Tennis Player Needs

Regarding tennis players’ required/essential equipment, you need a racket, balls, strings, shoes, and appropriate clothing. That said, tennis players could also purchase additional accessories and equipment, like tennis racket bags, specialty garments, vibration dampeners, etc.

How To Get Into Playing Tennis Without Breaking The Bank

For people who want to start their tennis journey, you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. Start small, booking a few classes with other beginner players at a local tennis center and purchasing items like shoes, a racket, balls, and whatever else you need to feel comfortable.

Group tennis lessons cost less than private lessons, which is a great and easy way to save money. Don’t feel inclined or pressured to start with a personal coach. It might be more fun to have others with you.

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Is Tennis A Sport of Privilege and Status?

The short answer is Yes and No. Many people who play tennis agree this is a sport of privilege and status. Especially if you join and play tennis at a country club or membership-only academy, this puts you on a different level than someone at a free court practicing.

That said, anyone can become a fantastic tennis player, whether rich or not. Money does not define talent; with enough practice, even someone from humble beginnings can make it professionally.

Maria Sharapova, Ajay Malik, Gustavo Kuerten, and countless other star tennis athletes came from humble beginnings.

The Return of Playing Tennis for the Long Term

If you play tennis for a long time, chances are you will be ready for the professional level. Getting into pro-level tennis takes years of practicing and lessons, but it can be lucrative. Prize money for professional tournaments can reach millions, with even smaller event winners (and sometimes losers) getting paid at least a few thousand.

The average tennis player’s salary is $22,362 for men and roughly $75,888 for women, so this can become a full-time gig.


Is Being A Tennis Player Expensive?

Yes, being a tennis player is generally expensive. Between lessons and equipment, a tennis player can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout their career.

Which Sport Do Most Rich People Play?

Many rich people play sports like golf, skiing, polo, boating, tennis, and hunting. Of course, golf tends to be the most expensive, with equipment and memberships going into the thousands.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve explored the costs of casual tennis, from court fees to equipment. We’ve also discussed how to enjoy tennis without overspending and its image as a sport of privilege. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, tennis offers accessible and long-term enjoyment.

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