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- Lin Ming, Founder of All Points Tennis, offering tennis tips and beginner advice.
- Holds an Economics Degree from Zhejiang Technology University.
- With over 50 private coaching sessions and extensive self-practice, Lin is an amateur tennis player who self-rates at NTRP 3.0 by USTA.

Lin is a passionate tennis enthusiast and the visionary behind All Points Tennis, is dedicated to making the sport of tennis accessible to beginners and aspiring players. With a unique blend of personal experience and knowledge, Lin's mission is to provide valuable insights and guidance to tennis newcomers.

In his own journey as an amateur tennis player, Lin has not only honed his skills but also self-rated at NTRP 3.0 with the USTA. This personal achievement demonstrates his commitment to the sport's growth and his desire to share his tennis wisdom.

Off the court, Lin is an advocate for a balanced and active lifestyle. He's not just a tennis lover but also a dedicated dog owner, with an 8-year-old poodle who shares his love for outdoor adventures. Lin enjoys cycling and can often be found exploring the great outdoors through camping and hiking during his weekends.

Lin's academic foundation includes an Economics Degree from Zhejiang Technology University. His analytical skills and commitment to improvement extend beyond the classroom and into his tennis pursuits.

Writing Philosophy
Lin's writing approach is rooted in his personal tennis journey, providing beginners with invaluable insights and advice. He believes that the path to becoming a skilled tennis player begins with sharing knowledge, and he's committed to simplifying the learning process for newcomers.

Lin's dedication to the sport, combined with his personal and academic achievements, positions him as an authoritative voice in the world of tennis for beginners. His work is a testament to the transformative power of tennis and the positive impact it can have on one's life.

Lin's passion for tennis, his expertise as a player, and his commitment to helping beginners embark on their own tennis adventures. Whether you're new to the sport or seeking to improve your skills, Lin's insights are a valuable resource for your tennis journey.

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