Join our Women’s Singles Ladder!

The ladder is a great way to meet players and play matches at a mutually convenient place and time. Women of all levels are welcome to join the ladder. Whether you play only occasionally, “just for fun” or prefer to compete several times a week, the ladder is a great opportunity to meet others at your level or to challenge others who are slightly more advanced.

Ladder Rules:

1. Each woman that joins the ladder will be provided with a listing of names and phone numbers of other women on the ladder. Updated ladder lists will be sent periodically.

2. Players contact others on the list to set up their own matches at a time and location that’s convenient to both players. Play anywhere, any time!

3. Matches will be best 2 out of 3 sets. A Comen tiebreak (first to 10 points, win by 2) can be played in lieu of a 3rd set if both players agree to it at the start of the match.

4. There will be periodic ladder events where players on the ladder will compete in a shortened round-robin style format. We are also looking in to special ladder rates at local indoor clubs.

5. Players will move up and down the ladder based upon their performance in matches. For example, the player ranked #15 on the ladder plays (and wins against) someone who is #8 on the ladder, the person who is #15 will then jump up to the #8 spot and the person in the #8 spot will get bumped down to the #9 spot. If the player that was ranked #8 wins the match, she moves up one spot to #7 and the person at #15 stays the same. The only way a person can be knocked out of the #1 position is by being beaten for that spot.

6. Each player will need to bring a new can of balls to each match. The winner keeps the unopened can and the loser keeps the used balls.

7. Match winners should report scores within 24 hours via email to:

8. Updated ladder standings will be posted every couple of weeks.

Prizes will be awarded to the ladder winner and runner up. Ladder rankings will start as soon as players sign up for the ladder.

The fee to join the ladder is $15 and can be paid through PayPal (button below) or mailed to:

All Points Tennis, Inc.
46 Verdun Street
Watervliet, NY 12189

Approximate NTRP Level

For any questions, please feel free to send us a message or contact Dana at: (518) 312-9455.