The World’s 18 Most Beautiful Tennis Courts: A Visual Tour

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Finding a beautiful tennis court to play at can be challenging. For instance, do you want to plan a game, practice, or private lesson at a stunning tennis court but need to know where they are located?

Fortunately, the United States and many other countries feature world-class courts, ranging from clay to hard, which we’ve uncovered in this article.

Where do you think these beautiful tennis courts will be? Keep reading to find out!

18. La Quinta Resort – Palm Springs, California

One of the first beautiful tennis courts is the La Quinta Resort’s very own in Palm Springs. This resort features state-of-the-art courts, 23 to be exact, and has been played on by legends including Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic.

The La Quinta Resort tennis courts also feature views of the surrounding desert landscape and mountains, making for a serene match for those playing.


17. Cloister Tennis Center – Sea Island, Georgia

The next beautiful set of tennis courts is at the Sea Island Resort in Sea Island, Georgia. The Cloister Tennis Center court is known to be stunning, home to the Jensen Brothers Tennis Academy.

What makes these courts shine is their location: eight perfectly manicured courts within a luxury resort’s grounds.


16. International Tennis Hall of Fame – Newport, Rhode Island

For anyone in the Rhode Island area, visiting and playing on the courts at the International Tennis Hall of Fame is a must. Here, people can experience tennis like never before: surrounded by weathered shingle buildings, traditional grass courts, and plenty of history.

This is where the 1881 US National Lawn Tennis Championship first occurred. It’s quintessential New England!


15. Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court – Isle of Harris, Scotland

Moving across the pond to Scotland, we have one of the most remote tennis courts in the world: Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court on the Isle of Harris, Scotland.

This tennis court is unique in appearance, just off of a single-tracked road on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, players can enjoy a peaceful, once-in-a-lifetime experience with other tennis lovers of all ages and skill sets.

14. SLS Lux – Miami, Florida

Heading down to Southern Florida, we have the SLS Lux Hotel’s tennis courts in Miami. What makes these courts unique is their unparalleled view of the city, and the nearby pools players can enjoy after a game.

These courts tower nine stories above the ground, making them one of the higher-up choices for players. Everyone loves rooftop tennis with a view!


13. Hyde Midtown Suites and Residences – Miami, Florida

Another Miami-based tennis court to explore is the Hyde Midtown Suites and Residences in Florida. Here, players can enjoy a world-class property between the Design District and the ever-coveted Wynwood neighborhood. This skyline court is on the seventh floor of the hotel and residential building.


12. Astor Courts – Rhinebeck, New York

One of the most stunning indoor courts featured on our list is the Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York. Here, tennis players can enjoy the 1902 landmark structure that Stanford White designed.

Additionally, Astor Courts are private, adding to their already luxurious status. Anyone who gets to play here should consider themselves lucky.

11. The Grand at Sky View Parc – New York City, New York

Playing at The Grand at Sky View Parc tennis courts is a must-experience for anyone in the Big Apple. People can enjoy pristine courts within a mixed-use development building in NYC.

For residents and their guests, these courts offer stunning city views and a serene game at the magnificent 14-acre property.


10. IL San Pietro di Positano Resort – Amalfi Coast, Italy

For those wanting to play a game of tennis cliffside in Italy, the IL San Pietro di Positano Resort on the Amalfi Coast is the one for you. This tennis court is in a premier five-star resort and offers gorgeous views of the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea.

On top of that, the property is one of the best hotels in Italy, making it the perfect vacation for those wanting the finer things.


9. Burj Al Arab Helipad – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of the most jaw-dropping tennis courts on this list comes from Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Helipad. This court not only offers players views of Dubai but is considered one of the finest in the world.

This tennis court is unique because it is 656 feet above sea level. Roger Federer and Andre Agassi were invited to play here in 2005, and ever since, it’s been on every tennis lover’s bucket list.


8. Singita Sabora Camp – Tanzania

For people who love safaris, playing tennis at Singita Sabora Camp in Tanzania is an experience you won’t forget. Here, the tennis courts blend effortlessly into the heart of the game-rich Grumeti Reserve.

Wild animals who live in the Grumeti Reserve often visit these courts, including zebras. If anyone wants to have an authentic African vacation and play tennis at one of the world’s most beautiful courts, we recommend Singita Sabora Camp.


7. Mexican Open Floating Court – Santa Lucia Bay, Mexico

For those wanting to be out on the open water, the Mexican Open’s Floating tennis courts were something to marvel at. These stunning floating tennis courts, bobbing through the water, were designed for the Mexican Open in 2014 and have since changed how many people envision their tennis playing.

They also welcomed players, including Eugenie Bouchard and Grigor Dimitrov, so icons have graced centre court with them.

6. San Paolo Conservo – Milan, Italy

One of the more unconventional yet beautiful tennis courts on the list is Milan, Italy’s San Paolo Conserve tennis courts. At this court, players will immerse themselves in a living work of art: designed by US artist Asad Raza.

Stepping into the 16th-century church, players could play rounds beneath holy relics at Milan’s Chiesa San Paolo Converso. Of the courts mentioned so far, this one takes the sport to a new level.

5. Vanderbilt Tennis Courts – New York City, New York

Heading back to NYC, we have the Vanderbilt Tennis Courts. These courts are within the world-famous Grand Central Station and provide players with independent or coach-led training sessions.

Located on the fourth floor of GCS, Vanderbilt Tennis Courts are open to the public which anyone can reserve by emailing


4. Enchantment Resort – Sedona, Arizona

For any tennis lover wanting to experience Arizona’s crown jewel of Sedona, the Enchantment Resort tennis courts are worth considering. Here, you can play a game within the famous red rocks, overlooking the desert landscape.

What makes these courts pop for us is how they are designed: they feature green floors and maroon half-moon barriers effortlessly blending into the natural ecosystem nearby.


3. The Couch – Amsterdam, Netherlands

For those wanting a futuristic game of tennis, The Couch in Amsterdam, Netherlands, might be worth visiting. These courts were completed in 2015 and are designed by the firm MVRDV.

The court was created for Tennisclub IJburg to focus more on the courts, having onlookers sit on the “couch” from above. The roof holds up to 200 people, plus the standing viewing points on the ground level.


2. Stanglwirt Hotel – Austria

Staying in Europe, we have the Stanglwirt Hotel tennis courts in Austria. Here, guests of the stunning resort can enjoy mountain views on top of true Austrian excellence during their tennis match.

Notably, the Stanglwirt Hotel sits at the foot of Austria’s dramatic Wilder Kaiser mountains, which is enough reason to venture out there.


1. La Cavalerie Club – Paris, France

The next beautiful tennis club and court to cover is in Paris, the La Cavalerie Club. This magnificent tennis center features a top-floor court of a building constructed back in 1924. French architect R. Farradèche designed the La Cavalerie Club, which is steps away from the Eiffel Tower.

If anyone who plays tennis plans on coming to Paris anytime soon, we’d recommend they book an hour or two here. It’s quintessential Paris.

This is also considered one of the best, if not the most beautiful, courts in the world.


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What’s Next

In this article, we showed you 18 of the most beautiful tennis courts in the world, ranging from rooftops in Miami to the Austrian mountains.

Our top choice came out to La Cavalerie Club in Paris, France, although enjoying a game at any location on this list is sure to impress. Tennis courts, by far, are some of the most stunning sports venues, which this list proves.

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