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Welcome to the age of social media tennis influencers. Names like Aryna Sabalenka, Taylor Townsend, Camila Giorgi, and Patrick Mouratoglou dominate, drawing millions of fans with their tennis-centered content. But who should you really follow?

We’ve handpicked internet personalities and players loved for their style, usefulness, and inspiration for tennis lovers everywhere. Find your favorite tennis influencers on Instagram right now!

1. Aryna Sabalenka

The first tennis influencer we’ve been loving is Aryna Sabalenka. With 820,000 followers, Aryna is one of the more known tennis influencers on Instagram and has inspired many male and female players across the globe. Sabalenka mainly posts about her tennis career on and off the court and some fun travel and lifestyle content.

Why We Choose

Aryna Sabalenka is a great role model for younger girls/tennis players and has a positive, upbeat social media presence.

2. Taylor Townsend

The next tennis influencer you have to follow in 2023 is Taylor Townsend. As a tennis player and mom, Taylor embodies the modern player. She posts about her on-court wins, losses, practices, and everyday shots with her friends and family. She’s got 52,000 Instagram followers and is a feel-good influencer on our list.

Why We Choose

We’ve added Taylor to our list of influencers because of her spirit, vulnerability, and fun-loving personality. It’s not every day we get to see someone so up close and personal, hence why Taylor Townsend is worth following!

3. Camila Giorgi

Third, we have tennis influencer Camila Giorgi, who you should follow in 2023. She’s glamorous, showing off her clothing, travels, and tennis career with over 718,000 Instagram followers. Giorgi is an Italian female tennis player with a ranking of world No. 26, achieved on 22 October 2018. Most tennis influencers don’t feel like typical social media starlets: but Camila does, which is nice. If you’re into a mix of personal and professional moments: Camila is worth following.

Why We Choose

We chose Camila Giorgi for our tennis influencer list because she’s young, driven, and showing the world her glamorous life as a professional player.

4. Patrick Mouratoglou

Our next tennis influencer to follow in 2023 is Patrick Mouratoglou, a veteran coach within the tennis world. Also known as “THE COACH” on Instagram, Patrick is a French tennis athlete with almost 1 million followers. He mainly posts about his coaching experiences with star players, personal vacation, and lifestyle shots. If you’re into a coach influencer: Patrick Mouratoglou is worth following.

Why We Choose

We’ve added Patrick to our list of influencers because he offers followers a different perspective on the sport. As a coach, he’s able to work with star tennis athletes, which is very neat to witness.

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5. Nikola Aracic

The next tennis influencer to follow in 2023 is Nikola Aracic, a famed collegiate tennis player from Croatia who lives in Florida. As another tennis coach influencer, Nikola gives us a glimpse of life on the court, mainly focusing on his YouTube channel, which has over 55 million views. You might know him from the successful Intuitive Tennis YouTube channel, where he gives tips to new and professional players.

Why We Choose

Nikola made our influencer list because he’s a great tennis player, coach, and role model for aspiring athletes. Although from humble beginnings, Aracic has created a name for himself in the tennis sphere and continues to uplift and empower those who love the sport.

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6. Kacper Owsian

Next, we have another former professional tennis player who’s now a full-time mentor and influencer. Kacper Owsian has more of a photography background on Instagram, with 62,000+ followers. On top of that, he runs a tennis club and has an Instagram for that: @sunset_tennisclub. If you’re into cool tennis edits or VSCO photos, Kacper is worth following.

Why We Choose

Kacper Owsian made our influencer list because of his visually pleasing account and cool video edits of the sport. He’s different from some of our other influencers, which makes him stand out.

7. Ryan Reidy

Coming in seventh, we have tennis influencer Ryan Reidy, a coach, and expert on the sport. With 39,600 followers on Instagram, Ryan teaches players how to properly play tennis, stretch, live healthier lives, and is a great person to follow for aspiring players. In addition, Reidy has an online training website for players, where he gives more in-depth instructions about what he posts on Instagram.

Why We Choose

We chose Ryan because he’s easy to listen to and has a helpful selection of videos across his social media channels. Not only that, Ryan also has a website where tennis players can learn new skills, which makes him more than social media personality.

8. Emma Raducanu

Next, we have another tennis influencer you should follow in 2023: Emma Raducanu. She’s a British professional tennis player ranked in the top 10 by the Women’s Tennis Association and posts about her professional and personal life via her Instagram. With 2.5 million followers, Emma is one of the more popular tennis influencers, even securing major brand deals regularly on her social media.

Why We Choose

Emma is a great role model for young girls and tennis athletes and has an aesthetically-pleasing social media feed.

What’s Next

In this post, we covered our top eight tennis influencers to follow and shared some insight into why they made the list. From mom tennis influencer Taylor Townsend to coach influencer Patrick Mouratoglou, there are many people to choose from. Who’s your favorite influencer on our list?

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