The Top 10 Tennis Academies In Florida:  A Comprehensive Guide

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Finding the top tennis academy in Florida isn’t always easy. For example, do you prefer something smaller and family-owned, or is a larger-scale academy more your speed?

Luckily, Florida is home to some of the nation’s finest tennis academies, some of which are owned by pro tennis players and coaches. It’s not just the Florida sun that will get you sweating.

From central Florida all the way down to South Beach, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tennis academies to choose from.

Continue reading to see which one we think is supreme!

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What We Look For In A Tennis Academy

When choosing a tennis academy, a few key factors come into play. 

A Successful Track Record

First, is the academy successful? What players have cycled through this particular company? That is one of the first things to consider when looking for a new place to learn the sport.

High-Quality Coaches And Staff

The coaches and staff at a tennis academy are, by far, the most essential component of mental training. While touring the facility, are you able to meet any coaches? If so, ask them any questions you have regarding practice schedules, training difficulty, and what they believe you or your child can do to improve.

Pricing For The Academy

Another key thing to remember when looking for a new tennis academy is pricing. How does this location vary from the others: is it far more expensive? Or is it cheaper than everywhere else in the neighborhood? Sometimes, too low of a price means the training will not be as thorough.

How To Choose A Tennis Academy

As mentioned, many details go into choosing a tennis academy. For instance, if you are signing your child up for tennis lessons, it’s essential to research coaches and see who feels like the best “fit” for your player.

Determine The Type Of Coach Your Child Needs

If your child/children prefer gentler coaching, that’s something to search for. The same goes for someone needing more discipline and structure, which will likely be mentioned on the academy’s website. Read through each company’s site and look for keywords regarding how they teach.

Test Out A Few Academies Before Making A Decision

It might also be worth testing a program schedule at a few different academies. Inform the coaches or owner of your plan and needs, and sign up for a few lessons. This is like a trial, which may be needed to find the perfect place for your child.

With that said, we have an impressive list of tennis academies in Florida to choose from, so here they are!

Bill Clark Tennis Academy – Hollywood, Florida

First, we have the Bill Clark Tennis Academy in Hollywood, Florida. Here, people will be trained by Bill himself, who has won “Florida Coach of the Year” two times and has over 35 years of experience, or one of his trained staff members. This academy offers various programs for students, ranging from beginner-level to experienced, high-performance playing.

Specifically, here are the three programs Bill Clark Tennis Academy offers:

  • Red Ball/Beginning Tennis – focused on fun and beginner player training
  • OrangeBall/ Intermediate Tennis – geared toward perfecting stroke production
  • High-Performance Academy – under the supervision of Bill Clark, who will establish the daily lesson plans and developmental programs for each player

It’s also worth mentioning that at Bill Clark Tennis Academy, children/teenagers can attend summer camps, which might be perfect for newer players. There are eight hard courts to play on here, so it is on the smaller side. With the smaller size does come cheaper pricing, with most players spending a couple hundred monthly for lessons.


Rick Macci Academy And Tennis Center – Boca Raton, Florida

The next tennis academy to consider in Florida is Boca Raton’s Rick Macci Academy and Tennis Center. Here, your child will be trained by one of the most accredited coaches in the area, holding titles including:

  • 7X USPTA Coach of the Year
  • USPTA Florida Hall-of-Fame
  • Greenville Ohio Hall-of-FareTennis/Basketball

On top of those prestigious titles, Rick Macci has coached players, including Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams. That is an impressive roster, making this one of the best tennis academy options in the state.

For classes and training schedules, the Rick Macci Academy and Tennis Center offers an extensive list of options. These are:

  • Year Round Academy
  • After School Academy
  • Summer Tennis Camp
  • Holiday Camps
  • RMTA Tennis Professionals
  • Sports Science
  • College Opportunities
  • RMTA Private School
  • Public Parks & Recreation Programs

For people traveling to Boca Raton to see the academy, there is also a Hilton Hotels discount Rick Macci offers to potential students, which you can find here.

Zoom tennis classes are available through this accredited academy, so it’s certainly one with more than a few options. This academy also features 19 hard courts (three indoors). Furthermore, attending this tennis academy is pricier, averaging $2,000 weekly.


  • Monday-Sunday, 7 am to 7 pm year-round
  • Address: 19760 Striker Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33498
  • Website:
  • Contact: Rick Macci (Direct Line) 561-445-2747 / RMTA Front Desk 561-477-9660

Rush Premier Sports – Port St. Lucie, Florida

Photo Credit: Rush Premier Sports

The next tennis academy in Florida to consider is Rush Premier Sports (Formerly known as Altitude Academies) in Port St. Lucie. This tennis center offers world-class coaching, promising to “prepare the next generation of student-athletes with a proven formula for success.”

At Rush Premier Sports, players can expect to get life skills and be coached by a team of highly-trained tennis players, all led by world-renowned master coach Gabe Jaramillo.

Gabe is accredited with producing 11 number one and 27 top ten ATP & WTA Champions, so his player development resume is extensive. This tennis academy offers 14 hard courts and six clay courts.

At the academy, children can sign up for the following programs:

  • A Fully-accredited K-12 program for serious Tennis players
  • Boarding School (non-boarding options available)
  • Enroll on a full-time or weekly basis
  • College Prep Program

This is the perfect option for players in elementary school up to pre-college. Regardless of age, Rush Premier Sports in Port St. Lucie is one tennis center you should choose for discipline and more thorough coaching.


Proworld Tennis Academy – Delray Beach, Florida

Photo Credit: Proworld Tennis Academy

The next tennis academy to consider for your child in Florida is Proworld Tennis Academy. This prestigious tennis center is located in Delray Beach, offering classes to beginners, intermediate players, and experienced tennis professionals. Here, players can enjoy 25 hard courts and three clay courts.

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A global team of tennis players will also train and coach them, all managed by Lorenzo Cava.

One of the standout components of this tennis academy is its mission statement, which encourages players to develop and dream big. Out of the tennis academies thus far, Proworld has one of the stronger messages for potential players, which we look for in an academy.

Here are the various programs at Proworld Tennis Academy:

  • Junior Programs – best for newer tennis players
  • 12 & Under – best for kids
  • Pro-Team – suited for experienced players
  • Summer Camp – great for beginners/intermediate players
  • Holiday Programs – throughout the year during school holidays

‘Enhancements’ are also offered here for students, including private lessons and fitness programs. That could be worth it for a more serious tennis player, on top of one of the other courses mentioned. Pricing is usually around $68,000 to attend this tennis academy, so that is something to consider before enrolling.

Fitness is a priority at Proworld Tennis Academy, so this might be the perfect place for anyone wanting a healthier approach to the sport.


  • Monday-Saturday, 7:30 am to 6:30 pm (closed Sunday)
  • Address: 651 Egret Cir, Delray Beach, FL 33444
  • Website:
  • Contact: Phone +1 (561) 599-0810

Extreme Tennis Academy – North Miami Beach, Florida

Photo Credit: Extreme Tennis Academy

Moving down to South Beach, we have Extreme Tennis Academy. This premier tennis center has a long-standing reputation for creating top professional tennis and successful athletes and is run by experienced coaches Freddy Azucey and Carlos Maehama.

For the programs offered here:

  • High-Performance Program – best for experienced players (middle/high school)
  • After-School Program – ideal for beginners and those with busy school schedules
  • Tournament and Traveling – more full-time, competition tennis playing
  • Developmental Program – targeted toward intermediate players
  • Full-Time Program – a year-round program focused on preparing players for pro tennis playing/college teams
  • Extreme Tennis Adult Program – aimed toward intermediate-professional adult tennis players
  • College Placement Program – for players wanting to go professional

Overall, this tennis academy offers something for every type of player, whether it’s boarding or after-school playing. Price-wise, this academy can top $50,000 per year for boarding/full-time students, so it’s one of the more expensive choices. Weekly, many people end up spending around $725 here.

The tennis center also has nine hard and three clay courts, all featuring flood lighting.


  • Monday-Saturday, 9 am to 7:30 pm (closed Sunday)
  • Address: 18900 NE 25th Ave, Miami, FL 33180
  • Website:
  • Contact: (786) 290-1546 Freddy / (786) 970-9928 Carlos

Evert Tennis Academy – Boca Raton, Florida

Moving to one of Florida’s more expensive, premier tennis academies, we have Evert Tennis Academy. Here, players can board on-site and play tennis according to their schedule in a scheduled program or play full-time without boarding.

Evert Tennis Academy features world-class coaching, cutting-edge training methods, and premier facilities, with 12 hard, 11 clay, and 25 nearby courts to play on students. The academy is focused primarily on setting collegiate athletes up for success, so this is a great option for older, more experienced tennis players.

For the programs offered here:

  • Summer Tennis Camps
  • Weekly & Pre-tournament Tennis Camps
  • Holiday Tennis Camps
  • Tennis & English Program
  • Tennis Tournaments
  • Developmental Program
  • The Academy Program
  • Afternoon Academy
  • Boarding & Non-Boarding Programs

As mentioned, this is one of the more expensive, full-time Florida tennis academies, so that is worth noting for anyone wanting to send their child away for training. One thing to note is that the average annual price of attending this tennis academy is $45,000.

Chris Evert runs the facility, a tennis legend and winner of 18 Grand Slam titles. John Evert, internationally renowned coach, professional tour, and Evert Tennis Academy Director, is another key role here, and both are highly-accredited players and coaches of the sport.


Saddlebrook Tennis Academy – Tampa, Florida

Another amazing tennis academy in Florida is Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Tampa. Here, students will undergo intense training at the award-winning, 480-acre Saddlebrook Resort, playing alongside the coaching team managed by Rick Crockett.

Additionally, Saddlebrook offers players 43 courts to use, all four Grand Slam surfaces.

Saddlebrook Tennis Academy runs with Saddlebrook Preparatory School, allowing players to board on-site full-time. Like many academics, Saddlebrook is considered higher-price but has endless amenities for tennis players.

Here are the tennis programs offered here:

  • Adult Program
  • Hopman Adult Program
  • Junior Program
  • Junior Tennis Skills & Drills
  • Junior Camp Boarding Program

These programs typically require a two-night minimum (minus boarding), so that’s something to remember. Furthermore, the tennis component of this campus is only one part, as they offer golf, pickleball, and other events. A lot is happening here: year-round.

Pricing for this tennis academy typically runs people a couple of hundred daily, and for boarding, expect to spend $63,560 annually. This is a steep price tag, so before sending your child here, it’s worth discussing goals and the future of a tennis program here for them.


Saviano Tennis Academy – Davie, Florida

The next tennis academy in Florida we recommend is Saviono Tennis Academy in Davie. Here, players can immerse themselves in a comprehensive, highly personalized, and systematic training program developed for tennis players hoping to pursue collegiate-level competitive play.

Owned and run by Nick Saviano, Saviano Tennis Academy is a leading center for the sport in Florida and has produced many leading players, including US Open champion Sloane Stephens and Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard.

This academy uses the “Saviano Method,” which focuses on disciplining and crafting a young tennis player into an award-winning adult, professional player athlete.

Here are the programs this tennis academy offers:

  • Full Time – a developmental program geared towards future collegiate players
  • After School – designed for competitive, tournament tennis players
  • Week to Week – good for tournament prep and personalized training
  • Summer Program – helps each player reach their maximum potential: great for students
  • Holiday – similar to the week-to-week program: runs throughout the year
  • Saviano Evaluation – Nick Saviano spends 1:1 time evaluating the player and offers specialized training and skill building.

This tennis academy is perfect for people not wanting to commit to boarding year-round. Some players may find that intimidating, which is why we’d recommend Saviano to them.

On top of that, the academy is located at the David Posnack Jewish Day School, where there are four clay and four hard courts to play on. Pricing is by nine-month “years,” totaling $30,550.


  • Monday-Friday, 7 am to 6:30 pm (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Address: 5850 S Pine Island Rd, Davie, FL 33328
  • Website:
  • Contact: (954) 603-8812

Emilio Sanchez Academy – Naples, Florida

Photo Credit: Emilio Sanchez Academy

Another amazing tennis academy in Florida is the Emilio Sanchez Academy in Naples. At this tennis learning campus, players will experience high-performance training with some of the state’s best coaches. There are also 33 clay courts and five hard courts to play on.

Notably, the Emilio Sanchez Academy offers lessons to all level tennis players, focusing on those wanting to pursue the sport at a collegiate/professional level. What’s nice about this professional tennis players’ academy is that there are also locations in Dubai and Barcelona.

Emilio Sanchez has a global presence, making this center for learning one of the premier destinations on the list. Here are the programs offered:

  • Summer Camp
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Annual Programs
  • After-School Training Programs
  • Adults Training Program
  • Coaches Courses
  • ES Academy Campus Program
  • Tournament Training

Some history of this tennis academy includes that the Emilio Sanchez Academy was created by Emilio Sánchez Vicario and Sergio Casal in 1998. Furthermore, a few notable players that were trained here include Kuznetsova, Murray, Dimitrov, Hantuchova, and Mónaco, among others.

Many people that attend this tennis campus consider it a home away from home, so that could be comforting to anyone planning to board their child here. For pricing, most people spend roughly $60,000 annually here, so it’s one of the more expensive choices.


IMG Tennis Academy – Bradenton, Florida

Photo Credit: IMG Tennis Academy

Finishing our list of top tennis academies in Florida is undoubtedly the best: IMG Tennis Academy. Often referred to as the best boarding academy for tennis in Florida, IMG focuses heavily on education on and off the tennis court.

Notably, this tennis academy student-athletes fill approximately 25% of all college freshman roster spots annually. The tennis academy was established by Nick Bollettieri and is now known globally. The academy sits within the 600-acre Bradenton campus, featuring 34 hard courts, 17 clay, and four indoor.

Here are the current programs offered here:

  • Boys Tennis Academy
  • Girls Tennis Academy
  • IMG Boarding School
  • Summer Tennis Camp
  • Grade 6-12

It’s also worth mentioning the academies’ tournament/program roster:

  • ITF Junior Entry Level, Advanced, and Pro level
  • USTA (local and national)
  • UTR
  • Junior Grand Slams
  • IMG In-House Tournaments (details below)

This is one of the more globally-known tennis academies, ranking as one of the best in the United States. With that acclaim comes higher tuition, typically $83,000-$86,000 annually.

IMG is the most expensive and hardest to get into of the Florida tennis academies mentioned in this article.


Final Thoughts

This article covered the top ten tennis academies in Florida, from Bill Clark Tennis Academy in Hollywood to what we consider the best: IMG Tennis Academy in Bradenton. Whether you have a child who adores tennis or wants to get into playing, sending them to a premier academy will set them up for a long, successful career.

Of course, these academies’ various prices and programs are worth considering, as some top $50,000+ annually. Boarding children at tennis academies is something many parents do, so if your child is more serious about the sport: that’s worth talking to them about.

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