How to Regrip a Tennis Racket (3 Easy Steps with Photos)

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how to regrip a tennis racket

Learning how to regrip a tennis racket is a useful skill as the replacement overgrip needs to be changed regularly.

Our method for changing overgrips does not require any tools to trim excess length, making it a more practical approach than the traditional method.

The tennis overgrip comes with a tapered side and a squared side. To wrap the racket, we prefer starting from the squared end as it doesn’t require scissors or a marker to complete the overgrip.

This article includes practical advice for improving the comfort of holding a racket, along with step-by-step instructions that feature photographs.

Continue reading to learn the process of changing the overgrip.

Step 1. Start from the bottom of the handle

The overgrip features two ends, including a standard square end and a tapered end.

replacing the tennis overgrip

Start by placing the tapered side onto the butt of the handle using your thumb and wrap it tightly. For greater comfort, while holding the racket, it is advisable to cover the edges of the butt.

Step 2. Wrap Down

Securely wrap the overgrip down, making sure it is slightly overlapping.

Step 3. Finish with the Tape

Attach the square end to the bottom and use the finishing tape to wrap around the end of the overgrip for a neat and secure look.

Tips for Replacing the Overgrip

Cover the Butt Edges

It’s important to make sure that the overgrip extends slightly beyond the bottom of the handle to prevent blisters on the hand palm caused by the butt edges. Moreover, it’s advisable to learn the proper way to hold the racket.

Balancing the Thickness

To achieve maximum comfort, it’s advised to evenly wrap the racket. When starting to wrap the bottom, it is advisable to begin from the thin area, usually consisting of a single layer at the base of the handle.


How Often You Should Change the Overgrip?

The answer may vary. As long as you feel it’s dirty and needed to change. Typically, if you play on a regular basis, such as 3-4 times a week, it’s recommended to change it weekly.

How Many Kinds of Tennis Overgrips Are There?

There are two types of tennis overgrips available: tacky ones designed for sweaty hands, and regular ones for individuals who do not sweat excessively. For individuals with excessive hand sweating, it may be beneficial to choose tacky overgrips. Alternatively, choose the standard overgrip.

How to Keep the Overgrip As Clean As You Can?

It is recommended to use your left hand when picking up tennis balls in order to maintain cleanliness on your right hand. Therefore, your overgrip will keep clean as much as possible especially if it’s a white overgrip. If you’re left-handed, use your right hand to pick up balls.

What’s Next

Changing an overgrip is easy. With practice, you can improve your ability to make it look beautiful, even if it may be difficult at first. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

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