How to Find a Tennis Partner: 3 Things to Consider

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how to find a tennis partner

Figuring out how to find a tennis partner, whether it’s a tennis partner near me type website or even checking out the local courts, can be intimidating. Are you looking for a tennis hitting partner but can’t seem to find anyone? Luckily, there are a few methods to solve this.

When looking for a tennis partner, you want to ask yourself these three things:

  • Are they a similar skill level?
  • How reliable will they be?
  • Are they positive to your game?

It’s also worth noting that finding a tennis hitting partner in the first place can be as easy as scouring social media sites, posting on community forums, or even heading to a tennis court near you. There are SO many tennis players in the same boat.

Are you still in need of a tennis partner? We have compiled a list of ideas and attributes for your new partner below: stay tuned!

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What Makes A Good Tennis Partner?
How To Find A Tennis Partner
Things You Need When Playing With A Tennis Partner
Recommended Apps For Finding Tennis Partners
How Do Pro Tennis Players Find Doubles Partners?
My Own Experience Finding Tennis Partners

What Makes A Good Tennis Partner?

When trying to find a new tennis partner to practice with, you want to focus on your compatibility. We recommend asking yourself these questions when searching for a new hitting partner:

Are they a similar skill level?

This first attribute of a tennis partner is a big one. Generally, you need to find someone as good or slightly better than you. Tennis is a mental and physical sport, meaning you must constantly be stimulated. Don’t be afraid to change partners if your current one is not on your level.

How reliable will they be?

Another big factor to consider when choosing your tennis partner is how reliable and punctual they will be. For instance, if you schedule a meet-up next week at noon at the local courts, will they be there? Does this person have other things taking up their schedule?

This form of compatibility is a lesser-talked-about one but could arguably be the most important.

Are they positive to your game?

The last question to ask when finding tennis partners is if they positively influence your game. Many times, we become wrapped up in the antics of a match or practice, with some tennis partners losing their temper. This is normal in moderation, but if your partner is overly aggressive or criticizes you often, find a new one. Nobody wants to be talked down to on or off the court.

How To Find A Tennis Partner

Now that you know what to look for in a tennis partner, it’s time to find one. Typically, scouting a new tennis hitting partner won’t be too hard if you follow these simple methods:

  1. Post about it on Facebook/Twitter.
  2. Use a meet-up website, like PlayYourCourt or Meetup
  3. Check out your local rec center.
  4. Join a tennis club/country club.
  5. Attend open matches and practices.
  6. Play at your neighborhood court.
  7. Reach out to a local pro/instructor.
  8. Go on Reddit or Craigslist (but be safe about it).

Of course, one of the best ways to find other tennis players in your area is to connect in real life, on the court. A prime example is if you’re in a community with a court, head over and post a flier or wait until someone starts to play. It can’t hurt to say hi and see if there’s a connection.

Play Your Court is another dedicated site to find tennis buddies and practice partners. Here’s a link to try it for free for 7 days:

Things You Need When Playing With A Tennis Partner

Once you have a partner or multiple lined up for match or practice play, it’s crucial to come prepared. When practicing with new people on a tennis court, it’s always nice to come stocked with tennis balls, water, and snacks.

You don’t know if the other person will remember these things; by doing this, you could make their day. Again, this circles back to genuinely connecting with the people you practice with on your local court.

Another thing to consider is where you will meet. Form a plan with your tennis partner and choose a practice spot. From there, you can make a schedule that both parties will stick to.

To recap, here are things you need when playing with a partner:

  1. Equipment (balls, etc.), water, and snacks
  2. A place to practice (rec center, tennis club, community court)
  3. A kind, understanding attitude

Recommended Apps For Finding Tennis Partners

Yes, there are a few apps solely meant for finding tennis partners. For instance, TennisPal has cultivated a tennis community, allowing players of all levels to match with partners quickly, and it is free to download.

Spin is another excellent app for finding tennis practice partners in your city or state, and it is also free to download to your smartphone or mobile device. These will work much like social media, with you making a first connection and seeing if there’s any compatibility.

Facebook should suffice if you don’t have luck on these apps, or even Twitter (X), Instagram, or wherever you connect with people. This may take some time, so be patient with yourself and others.

How Do Pro Tennis Players Find Doubles Partners?

Regarding professional tennis athletes finding doubles partners, this might have to be done differently. Professional tennis athletes should play with other pro-level tennis players, so asking for a referral from a coach or mentor is what we suggest.

You can use your network to find other practice partners through social media, your management, or a coach/instructor. If you are in a tennis league, that could make this process easier. Reach out to players you see on the roster, or even attend an event and network while there.

My Own Experience Finding Tennis Partners

On top of everything you’ve learned about finding a new tennis partner, here are some things I found especially useful during the process.

The first approach is using social media or chatting in private with potential practice partners. Reach out to someone you may know through mutual connections or even cold turkey. This can be intimidating, but most people were friendly in their responses.

Making friends is a significant part of this process, with many of our tennis practice partners becoming more than strangers we play with. The better you know and understand your tennis partner, your skills will improve.

Another tip is to label tennis friends and partners on your phone. This helps with keeping track of everyone and not getting confused.

And finally, make sure and be nice! People are always more responsive to a kind message asking to be tennis practice buddies over something cold or awkward. Make them laugh and show your people skills.


This article covered the basics of finding the perfect tennis practice partner and questions to ask before finding one. Remember to try different avenues (social media, your local rec center, tennis partner apps, websites, etc.), and don’t give up. There is someone out there!

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