The 20 Best Tennis YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing To

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With online tennis lessons, guides, and recap channels taking over YouTube, finding the best tennis youtube channels can be challenging. From players and coaches offering training to beginners to commentators on the sport, tennis YouTube is our favorite side of the platform.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our top 20 tennis YouTube channels and what makes them unique. Our ranking is based on how trustworthy, entertaining, and relatable each YouTuber is and if their videos are high-quality and easy to follow.

If you need a new tennis YouTube channel to subscribe to, this article is the perfect place to be. Keep reading to see some of our top creators for this year and beyond!

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Best Tennis YouTube Channels For Skills & Techniques

1. Total Tennis Domination

The first best tennis YouTube channel for skills and techniques is Total Tennis Domination. This channel focuses on developing your skills as a tennis player, ranging from beginner guides to more advanced deep dives into how legends like Novak Djokovic play their game.

Overall, the videos on this channel feel easy to follow and understand, with the creator, Kevin, being friendly and entertaining.

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2. Intuitive Tennis

Another great tennis YouTube channel for skills and technique is Intuitive Tennis. Throughout this channel, we’re able to watch videos with tips for playing, rules of the game, commentary on the sport, and entertaining bits the creator puts together.

Intuitive Tennis is run by creator Nikola Aracic, a top 40 NCAA D1 college player and tennis coach with 25 years of experience. He feels like a friend helping you out, which is always nice when trying to improve your tennis skills.

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3. Essential Tennis

The next tennis YouTube channel we recommend is Essential Tennis. Especially for people wanting to improve their skills on the court, Essential Tennis offers easy how-to guides, lessons, and discussions on what the pros do to stay on top. Overall, this YouTube channel feels relatable to us as viewers and has been a long-standing one in the tennis community. They also post Shorts for viewers, so that’s nice if you’re in a hurry.

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4. Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Fuzzy Yellow Balls is another YouTube channel to check out for skills and techniques. This channel, although funny-sounding, is one of the more technical ones on this list, offering professional advice to players of all skill sets.

Whether you need to learn strokes, want to play like Roger Federer, or watch in-depth dives into the chances of winning a game using specific strategies: this channel is a winner.

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5. Tennis Haus

The last technique and skills tennis YouTube channel we recommend is Tennis Haus. This channel is a one-stop shop for all things beginner tennis playing and tips for avoiding injuries on the court. Created by Emilio Sanchez, the channel is aimed at young and mature players, with endless videos on various training routines and rules to follow.

Get to know our comprehensive guide about The Top 5 Most Common Tennis Injuries and learn how to Prevent Them.

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Best Tennis Product Review Channels

6. Tennis Warehouse

One of the best tennis gear review channels is Tennis Warehouse. They have a website to purchase tennis equipment and regularly post videos reviewing products, interviewing players, and even tips for better playing.

Technically, this channel could fit into a few categories because it’s so expansive. Whether you need help finding a racket or bag or want to learn more about tennis: Tennis Warehouse is a YouTube channel worth subscribing to.

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7. Tennisnerd

The next tennis YouTube channel we recommend to you is Tennisnerd. This channel is run by creator Jonas and is filled with reviews on products he uses and suggests for other players. On top of that, Tennisnerd posts videos on skills and techniques and recaps of moments from matches, so this is another all-around type of channel to subscribe to.

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8. Tennis Spin

Our third recommendation for tennis product reviews is Tennis Spin, a rapidly growing channel on YouTube put together by creator Harry. This channel mainly reviews and deep dives into various brands, racket customization tips, and other how-to’s. If you need help with anything tennis racket related: Harry is the guy to watch.

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9. Foot Doctor Zach

The next tennis review channel worth checking out is Foot Doctor Zach. This YouTuber focuses on reviewing various tennis shoe brands, recommending his favorite to players with specific concerns. This channel is unique because Zach has a medical degree and was a former collegiate athlete.

Zach also covers other sports besides tennis, so this is more of a broad-range type of channel.

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10. TennCom

The last tennis product review YouTube channel we recommend is TennCom. On this channel, creator Beckett, focuses on tennis rackets, strings, and all things modifying your gear. Whether he’s reviewing a new racket, customizing an existing one, or even giving tips for playing tennis: TennCom is a friendly, fun channel to watch.

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Best Tennis Commentary and Analysis Channels

11. TENNIS TALK with Cam Williams

One of the best tennis commentary channels on YouTube is TENNIS TALK with Cam Williams. His channel is dedicated to live updates, recaps, and discussions of events around the world, including Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open, the US Open, and more.

If you like to be entertained while learning about what’s happening in the tennis world, this channel is a winner. Cam feels like a genuine friend, even being rather funny in most of his videos.

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12. Tennis Channel

Another great commentary/analysis tennis YouTube channel to subscribe to is Tennis Channel. This is a long-standing channel on the platform, focusing mainly on live updates, stats, and interviews with players. Tennis Channel is one of the larger creators in the tennis genre on YouTube, with 100,000+ subscribers.

If you want to keep up with game stats, learn about tennis strategies, watch interviews with players, and stay entertained: Tennis Channel is the one to watch.

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13. Tennistic Productions

The next tennis commentary/analysis YouTube channel we frequent is Tennistic Productions. Like the channels mentioned above, Tennistic Productions has the entertainment factor down. Watching these videos, we find ourselves thoroughly entertained and up to speed with the world of tennis.

You’ll have more fun here than on some of the other YouTube channels we’ve listed, as the creators are more comedian-style, so that’s a bonus for people who want to laugh a bit.

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14. Baseline Tennis

This channel is a good place to start for anyone wanting to watch videos dedicated to recaps of tennis games from across the world. Baseline Tennis focuses on court-level tennis highlights through their own filmed and edited videos. This channel feels professional in its filming and editing and is certainly a great late-night watch before bed.

If you prefer more cut-and-dry footage and discussion, we’d recommend Baseline Tennis.

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15. Tennis Plus

The last commentary and analysis channel we recommend for tennis enthusiasts is Tennis Plus. This channel focuses on dissecting famous players’ careers, news on tennis stars, live coverage of games, and more of a news-style approach to the sport. Although it has a smaller subscriber base, Tennis Plus is becoming one of the top players in the YouTube tennis genre, so it’s one to watch.

If you want to learn excruciating details about your favorite pro tennis players: Tennis Plus likely has a video.

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Channels Made By Tennis Coaches And Players

16. Patrick Mouratoglou

You may know him as Serena and Venus Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou’s YouTube channel is a favorite on the list. Not only does he give one of a kind strategy to improve your game, but he also explains his coaching methods and what it takes to make a star.

Another cool thing about Patrick’s self-titled channel is he breaks down professional players’ techniques and stats and offers viable advice on playing at that level. If you want to be inspired, we’d recommend this channel.

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17. Meike Babel Tennis

The next coach-led tennis YouTube channel we love is Meike Babel Tennis. On this channel, you learn from “the only former Top #30 player on the internet,” Meike Babel. She boasts #27 WTA in Singles; #45 WTA Doubles and has been coached by legends.

Like Patrick’s YouTube channel, Meike gives pointers for improving your game, building stamina, and winning matches. This is the perfect place to go before a practice or even watch while you’re on the court.

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18. Venus Williams

Another channel you’ll want to check out is Venus Williams’ self-titled one on YouTube, mainly focusing on personal accounts, how-to’s, and recaps of her greatest moments on the court. Of course, Venus is a legend, so watching and learning her strategy is beneficial to any tennis player or enthusiast.

Any time there is a chance to learn from one of the greats, we’d recommend taking it. Venus is less active on her channel than others on this list: but she’s still worth subscribing to.

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19. Pieter Becker Tennis Coaching

The next best tennis coaching channel we have is Pieter Becker Tennis Coaching. Pieter has 26 years of playing and coaching experience, reaching a career-high of #143 ITF JUNIOR. His channel mainly focuses on lessons and tips for improving overall skills, so it’s perfect for beginners, intermediate players, and even pros.

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20. Coach Kyril

Another YouTube channel run by coaches is Coach Kyril, where he and Coach Mauro Marcos give tips for training, improving stamina, common mistakes in the game, and other helpful insight. This channel, although not as active as some of the others, is very helpful for beginners, intermediate, and professional tennis players, so it’s a great option.

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What’s Next

In this article, we dove into the best tennis YouTube channels, including ones covering tips and techniques, product reviews, commentary, and even one’s created by legendary coaches and players.

Whether you’re looking for a new binge-watch or want to learn more about this sport: these are all great channels to subscribe to.

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