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Finding the best tennis podcasts to tune into is much harder than it seems: especially with all the options out there. Sometimes, sports podcasts aren’t always entertaining and can occasionally veer too far into drama than the actual players or the game itself.

However, there are many benefits to listening to a podcast. Whether you’re on the court practicing, in the car, doing chores, or simply lying down: turning on a discussion between one or more people can open your eyes to new thoughts and opinions on tennis.

We’ve critiqued these podcasts based on content quality, host friendliness, theming, how much research they’ve done, and overall helpfulness. 

With that said, let’s dive right into this list!

1. The Tennis Podcast

One of the best podcasts about tennis to stream is The Tennis Podcast. Speakers Catherine Whitaker, David Law, and Matt Roberts talk tennis weekly throughout the year, covering everything from tips, Grand Slam tournaments, player insight, and exclusive ‘bonus’ content.

What’s nice about this podcast is that it releases new weekly episodes, with daily coverage during Grand Slam tournaments. The Tennis Podcast also reviews matches between pro players in-between their regular programming, making them a good ‘all-around’ option.

  • Episode Releases: every 1 day
  • Average Episode Length: 46 minutes
  • First Episode Released: May 27, 2012

2. Second Serve Tennis

The next tennis podcast we recommend is Second Serve Tennis, the only podcast created exclusively for adult recreational players by everyday tennis players. This podcast has a friendly vibe, with creators Carolyn Roach & Erin Conigliaro discussing stories from on and off the court alongside featured guests.

Compared to some other podcasts, Second Serve Tennis isn’t all about the pros. This podcast is more geared toward being relatable, covering adults playing a sport in the later years of life (hence the title). It’s very inspirational and is a top choice of ours.

  • Episode Releases: every 7 days
  • Average episode length: 13 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Apr 28, 2020

3. Advantage Connors

Switching gears, we have a tennis podcast hosted by sports legend Jimmy Connors. This podcast is interesting, especially because Jimmy co-hosts with his son, Brett Connors. Throughout these episodes, the Connors talk about the worlds of tennis and gambling weekly and whatever else pops into their head that day. It’s more off-the-cuff in nature.

Advantage Connors is a nice podcast for tennis fans who want to hear behind-the-scenes stories from Connors’ past matches and his opinion on other pro players. Jimmy Connors has always been a captivating figure, so this is an excellent podcast in terms of charisma.

  • Episode Releases: every 7 days
  • Average episode length: 56 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Feb 18, 2022

4. Murray Musings

Another professional tennis player-related podcast we recommend is Murray Musings, hosted by super-fans Claire, Scott, and Peter. In this show, the three friends discuss Scottish professional tennis player Andy Murray alongside their takes on his performances, personality, etc. This is a weekly and sometimes bi-weekly podcast: so they post often.

This podcast is enjoyable, with the super-fan type of listener involved. We all love Andy Murray, so this is a nice, palatable option for people wanting to listen to something on the way to work, school, practice, or in a quiet moment.

*This podcast is almost always about Andy Murray, so keep that in mind*

  • Episode Releases: every 9 days
  • Average episode length: 70 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Jan 2, 2021

5. Tennis Weekly

The next podcast about tennis we have to share is Tennis Weekly. This series is hosted by Passing Shot Productions, with speakers Joel, Kim, and Chris, who keep the topics flowing each episode. This podcast has an edge because it covers all things tennis, from player drama, to practicing, matches, recaps, and personal experiences.

The three speakers all love tennis, and you can tell. Tennis Weekly feels close to a book club, with everyone gathering and discussing the past weeks’ tennis-related news, drama, and match/tournament results. This podcast releases a new episode every Monday, so it’s more scheduled than the others.

  • Episode Releases: every 4 days
  • Average episode length: 51 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Jul 25, 2018

6. No Challenges Remaining

Next, we have No Challenges Remaining, a tennis podcast covering the sport in a more TMZ-style manner. The hosts, Ben Rothenberg and Courtney Nguyen are quite funny, often coming at this sport in a “wacky” tone and format. This podcast is one of the more fun options on our list, so it’s the perfect commute listen.

One of the main themes throughout each episode is the lives of pro tennis players, so think of this as more opinion-based and juicy than educational. Not every podcast needs to be a TED talk; No Challenges Remaining embodies that.

  • Episode Releases: every 6 days
  • Average episode length: 59 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Feb 19, 2012

7. The ATP Tennis Radio Podcast

Moving to the ATP’s official podcast network, we have The ATP Tennis Radio Podcast. On this podcast, listeners can expect various players, coaches, and sportscasters to chime in with interviews from pro players. Considering the ATP is the holy grail of tennis news and history, this is one of the better podcasts to tune into if that’s your thing.

Additionally, The ATP Tennis Radio Podcast releases new episodes 1-2 times weekly, making it an active choice for you.

  • Episode Releases: every 4 days
  • Average episode length: 32 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Feb 20, 2017

8. Game To Love Tennis Podcast

As the self-proclaimed ‘best tennis podcast in the world,’ Game To Love Tennis Podcast is a high-quality, entertaining production for those who play and love the sport. JG and Ben are the hosts, discussing weekly topics from Djokovic vs. other players, women’s tennis, tournament results, and other recaps of games throughout the year.

What we notice is this podcast is heavily centered around Novak Djokovic, Roland Garros, Carlos Alcaraz, and the Grand Slam tournaments. The hosts are fun and like to get engaged with the listener, and overall, this is a strong choice for tennis enthusiasts.

  • Episode Releases: every 1 day
  • Average episode length: 44 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Jan 9, 2020

9. The Tennis Files Podcast

Another great podcast for players is The Tennis Files Podcast, starring creator Mehrban Iranshad. They cover practicing and mastering skills in tennis, from match play, strokes, physical and mental training, and other helpful insight into how the pros do it.

This podcast has more of a practice mindset, focusing on getting listeners onto the court to improve. This channel posts about 1-3 times weekly, depending on the time of year, so it’s very active.

  • Episode Releases: every 7 days
  • Average episode length: 61 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Feb 1, 2016

10. Open Era

The last tennis podcast we recommend is Open Era, hosted by tennis experts Simon Bushell and Devang Desai. This podcast covers everything from gameplay, recaps, tournaments, player insight, and personal stories and experiences from the hosts.

Bushell and Desai have a good, easy-to-follow rapport, making this a pleasant listen for us at home. Open Era is more technical with less drama than some of the other podcasts on this list, so in that way, it’s a winner. There’s also a weekly posting schedule, making this a nice addition to your podcast library.

  • Episode Releases: every 7 days
  • Average episode length: 56 minutes
  • First Episode Released: Mar 19, 2019

What’s Next

In this article, we discussed our top ten best tennis podcast recommendations, including ones from tennis star Jimmy Connors, all the way to a fan-made podcast discussing the career highlights of Andy Murray.

Whether you’re into drama or want to focus on the stats, all these podcasts offer listeners some value. Which one do you plan to tune into?

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