The 10 Best Tennis Bags Reviewed (with Pros & Cons)

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Are you a tennis player on the hunt for the perfect bag to carry all your gear? With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

To help you make an informed decision, we have reviewed the 10 best tennis bags on the market, highlighting their pros and cons.

From backpacks to tennis bags, we have included a variety of options that cater to different needs and preferences. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro player, keep reading to find the perfect tennis bag for you.

Our Top Pick Tennis Bag: Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack

The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack is our top tennis bag choice. This bag holds up to 12 rackets and features specific compartments for racquets, shoes, and accessories. On top of that, this bag also has thermo-lining to keep your racquets and strings from overheating or freezing in extreme weather.

Before reading reviews, you can see our list of the best 10 Tennis Bags here.

  1. Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack BagBest Overall
  2. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS RackpackBest Duffle-style Tennis Bag
  3. Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Racquet BagBest for All-day Capacity
  4. Volkl Tour Combi 6-Pack BagBest Care for Rackets
  5. Tennis Warehouse 6-Pack Racquet BagBest Budget Tennis Bag
  6. Baseline 2.0 Racquet BagBest High-end Tennis Bag
  7. Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 3-Pack Backpack BagBest Mid-sized Bag
  8. Court Couture Cassanova Perforated BagBest Tote Bag for Women
  9. Geau Sport Axiom Backpack 2.0Best Travel Tennis Backpack
  10. Yonex Pro Backpack Large BagBest Large Backpack

What We Look For In A Tennis Bag

When it comes to what makes a great tennis bag, we look for one with enough room to hold a couple of rackets, balls, sunglasses, sunscreen, shoes, strings, and anything else you need on and off the court.

One major difference between a good and bad bag is how deep they are constructed. Since you will likely put everything you need for practice or a game inside: the bag you purchase has to hold those items comfortably.

The more your tennis bag can tote: the better you’ll enjoy it.

1. Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack Bag

Our favorite tennis bag comes from Babolat, their Pure Aero Rafa 12-Pack Bag. This bag has two compartments with Isothermal Protection that hold five rackets each. In addition, this bag has a middle compartment for more rackets and gear.

The Pure Aero Rafa Bag is unique because it has a vented pocket for dirty gear and plenty of other pockets for small-item storage. This is the perfect bag for tennis players traveling to tournaments or simply sharing with a couple of other people.


  • Large storage capacity (12 rackets comfortably)
  • Three main compartments, two featuring Isothermal Protection
  • Exterior, ventilated tunnel pocket ideal for shoes or dirty gear
  • Large side accessory pockets


  • This bag might be difficult to carry when full
  • Some customers can’t fit 12 normal-sized rackets inside

2. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance RS Rackpack

One of the more popular duffle-style racket bags for tennis players is the Tecnifibre Rackpack. This design is simple yet packs a punch in terms of storage and usability. One standout feature of the Tecnifibre Rackpack duffle bag is that it is broken up into sections to separate specific gear.

This bag holds four rackets comfortably and comes with straps so you can easily carry it between home and the court.


  • Has a deep, duffle-style design
  • Holds four rackets and two pairs of shoes
  • Features two mesh pockets for smaller gear
  • Made with lightweight material


  • Velcro closure on the bag might be an issue when it’s full
  • Relatively thin padding inside the bag

3. Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Racquet Bag

The next tennis bag that should be on your list is from Geau Sport. This bag has a main compartment featuring a duffle opening, where players can store rackets and bulky gear. Another standout is this bag has an internal divider system to keep your items protected and separated.

The Geau Sport Axiom 9-Pack Raquet Bag also boasts a ventilated waterproof pocket that holds wet items, keeping the rest of your things dry. Shoulder straps are also included, making this the perfect mid-size bag for any tennis player.


  • A large main storage compartment with additional dividers
  • Waterproof pocket to store wet/damp items
  • Several exterior pockets for small-item storage
  • The top compartment lid is poly ripstop for a more durable construction


  • Moisture inside the bag may not always be contained.
  • Bags made before 2/1/22 will have a mesh top compartment lid.

4. Volkl Tour Combi 6-Pack Bag

The next best tennis bag for tennis players comes from Volkl and is their Tour Combi Bag. This bag features a large compartment with a climate-control lining to protect rackets and strings.

Furthermore, the bag offers a second large compartment to hold up to six rackets and gear between them. The bag also features a pocket on the bottom for shoes or dirty clothes, perfect for travel.


  • Two large main compartments will hold up to six rackets
  • It has a compartment with climate control technology
  • It is nice for travel, with a shoe compartment at the bottom.
  • Includes a padded grab handle


  • Is more expensive for its mid-sizing
  • Doesn’t have waterproof technology in all compartments

5. Tennis Warehouse 6-Pack Racquet Bag

The next tennis bag to consider is the Tennis Warehouse 6-Pack Racquet Bag, a great budget option. This bag features two main compartments (one with thermal lining) and can easily store six tennis rackets.

Another huge plus to this bag is its mesh-lined shoe tunnel on one end and smaller pockets for accessories.


  • It holds up to six rackets comfortably
  • affordable price
  • Features pockets for small items
  • Has thermal lining to protect gear


  • Isn’t as fancy as name-brand tennis bags
  • It only comes in one color.

6. Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag

The next best bag for tennis comes from Vessel, and is their Baseline 2.0 Racquet Bag. This tennis bag can hold up to six rackets and has plenty of storage for strings, towels, membership cards, and accessories. On top of that, the bag features thermal-insulation to protect your rackets from extreme weather conditions. The removable straps might also come in handy while traveling


  • Ample storage space and compartments for accessories
  • Holds up to six rackets in a thermal-insulated compartment
  • Removable straps for easy travel
  • Personalization with your name or logo


  • This bag is on the pricier side
  • The synthetic leather material might make a player hot while carrying it.
  • The bag weighs nearly five pounds

7. Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 3-Pack Backpack Bag

Another high-quality tennis bag for players is the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 3-Pack Backpack, a signature piece from the brand. This bag features a front compartment built for your rackets and a back compartment offering two other areas for gear storage.

This bag is smaller, making it ideal for traveling and single-person use. Additionally, this bag has a removable shoe sack and an accessory pocket on the front: so it packs a punch for storage ability.


  • This bag holds up to three rackets
  • Features two extra gear storage compartments
  • Removable shoe sack
  • Great for storing smaller items


  • Doesn’t contain moisture-repelling compartments

8. Court Couture Cassanova Perforated Bag

For anyone looking for a luxury tennis bag, the Cassanova Perforated Bag from Court Couture is a highly-recommended choice. One of the standout features of this tennis bag is its top-notch craftsmanship and materials. Made with faux patent leather, this bag holds up to two rackets.

It also has a large main compartment with inner and outer accessory pockets, giving your items plenty of space. This is an easy-to-carry shoulder-style bag, so it’s great for people on the go.


  • This bag is easy to carry: lightweight
  • Made with premium materials
  • It holds up to two tennis rackets
  • Has metal feet to prevent damage


  • This may not be ideal for tournaments/long travel
  • kind of expensive

9. Geau Sport Axiom Backpack 2.0

The next best tennis bag to consider comes from Geau Sport and is their Axiom Backpack 2.0. This tennis bag stands out because of its padded racket compartment, capable of holding up to two rackets. Additionally, this tennis bag has a waterproof vented pocket perfect to hold shoes or sweaty gear. Although it’s a smaller tennis bag, the Axiom Backpack 2.0 is incredibly versatile and should be perfect for a single player.


  • Offers thick padding to protect gear
  • Keeps smaller accessories well organized
  • Comfortably holds two standard-size tennis rackets


  • This bag is on the premium side price-wise
  • You might only be able to store one racket inside.

10. Yonex Pro Backpack Large Bag

One of the best tennis backpacks is the Yonex Pro Backpack Large Bag. With this bag, you can hold two rackets comfortably and store other gear and small accessories. This bag features a pocket on the bottom for keeping your shoes or sweaty gear: always a nice touch.

Furthermore, the Yonex Pro Backpack offers three smaller pockets and padded straps for easy transport.


  • Comfortable design for carrying heavy equipment
  • Made with durable, weather-tolerant materials
  • Bottom compartment for dirty shoes and clothing


  • Only can hold two rackets.
  • Might be better suited for practice, not tournaments

How To Choose The Perfect Tennis Bag

When choosing your next tennis bag, focus on storage, quality, material, and size. From our list, we went over bags ranging from two rackets to 12, so there are options for everyone.

Your tennis bag should protect your racket(s) and any other gear you bring. On top of that, it might be nice to find a tennis bag with a separate compartment for dirty clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The more pockets and compartments: the better!


Who Makes The Best Tennis Bags?

Although this can be subjective, major brands in the tennis world, like Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, and Tecnifibre, are all known for their high-quality products. Of course, the brand doesn’t always matter for long-term durability, which we learned from Tennis Warehouses’ many great bags.

Generic bags and brands can also make incredibly durable products for tennis players (at a much lower price, too).

How Many Rackets Should A Tennis Bag Hold?

Most tennis bags will hold two or more tennis rackets. However, you only sometimes need to purchase a bag that holds 12 rackets. Your bag should store as many rackets as you play with, whether that means 1-2 or 10-15.

What Is The Best Brand Of Tennis Bags?

Babolat is one of the best brands for tennis bags. Between its quality, storage capacity, and features, bags from Babolat typically outshine the competition.

Conclusion: Our Top Pick

In this article, we uncovered the ten best tennis bags for this year and offered specs, pros, and cons of each product. Our top choice for tennis bags went to Babalot, with the Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack Bag, which has enough storage for an entire team.

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